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Not Patty.

The Boy is a character that appears in the final portion of the movie Gall Force Eternal Story. Although essentially a minor character, he's a crucial element regarding the future of all known intelligent life.

Eternal StoryEdit

The Boy appears only in the final portion of the film after the surviving trio of Solnoids -Rabby, Patty and Rumy- and their accompanying droids (Ail and Toil- reach the planetoid Chaos and flee the Paranoid drones sent to capture Patty, who is suffering from the effects of being exposed to the Paranoid bioweapon while in the Star Leaf.

Essentially, an embryo was formed inside Patty -in her womb-, which was the first phase before she was completely merged with the Paranoid factor and become a new lifeform. However, Rabby and Toil-2 extract this embryo out of her through Trans-Mat. The embryo quickly grows in front of Rumy and Toil-2, becoming into what is essentially a full-grown baby. The baby continues growing and soon leaves the Blossom, reaching a lake, and by this time, he has reached a certain age (most likely, that of Rumy's), being able to swim.

Although Rabby initially wants to kill him due to her belief of him being a sort of Paranoid weapon, she relents after Patty's begging as well as the Boy's saving of Rumy from falling back into the lake. Rumy seems to become sexually attracted to him as well.

Afterwards, the Paranoid and Solnoid fleets arrive, attempting to recover both Patty and the Boy due to the Species Unification Plan. After Rabby learns the truth about the Plan, she and Patty decide to make a suicide run against the remaining Solnoid forces, while they send Rumy and the Boy to Terra. Chaos is destroyed by Ail and Toil after they overload the terraforming devices, causing Chaos' surface to turn into a primordial, magma-filled one, destroying all remaining Solnoid and Paranoid forces in the process.


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Yeah, they fucked like crazy.

The Boy is seen briefly, now in adult form, along with an adult Rumy by a lake near which their escape pod crash-landed. They are seen to have had at least three children in the last ten years they've inhabited the planet. 


  • His design is essentially Patty but without curves and tits.
  • The term "The Boy" doesn't seem to appear in the original Japanese credits. On the other hand, it does appear in the English, Central Media Park version. In order to identify this character, the English dub term is used in this article. One of the Japanese art books calls him The Boy.
  • He can be seen as the "Adam" of the story, with Rumy being his "Eve", in a sense, as they are the first true humans that result in the humanity that is seen later on in RheaEarth Chapter and New Era.