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Don't let this fool you: Rumy is irritable as hell and not cute at all.




Bridge operator; non-combatant



Key characteristics:

Loli, has babies

'Rumy (also spelled sometimes as Ramy, Rami and Rommy) is the youngest member of the Star Leaf's crew and, despite appearances, one of the most important characters in the saga. Despite her age, she looks much younger than she is, typical of Sonoda's loli fetish.


Rumy is the loli of the cast for Star Front and Eternal Story, similarly to how Minnie May works as the loli in Gunsmith Cats. Although she's supposed to be a non-combatant, she seems to be able to handle herself enough with weapons. 
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Rumy's expressions for everything, in this case, a big black woman.

Rumy is immature, noisy and a glutton, however, she's also lucky enough to be the only Solnoid to survive the war.

Star FrontEdit

In Star Front, Rumy is the most tech-savvy of the trio, and operates the enormous plethora of advertised toys equipment, vehicles and weapons with efficiency, despite her size and overall attitude.

Eternal StoryEdit

Rumy's role in Eternal Story is overall minor, with her being mainly comedic and lolicon appeal and being an annoyance to her companions. However, by the final part of the movie, she's one of the three remaining survivors of the ship's crew to reach Chaos, where she helps in preparing all defenses against potential Paranoid attack.

When the strange lifeform (The Boy) is extracted from Patty and grows, Rumy goes after it, and she's the first to see it up close when it grows to a certain point. She seems to be the first Solnoid to experience a form of sexual attraction to a member of the opposite sex. 

Rumy's face for everything.

Afterwards, when both the Paranoids and Central Guard attempt to forcibly take the Boy and Rabby discovers the Species Unification Plan, she is sent to terra in the Blossom's escape pod, while Chaos burns and everyone on the surface is killed as a result.


Rumy is only seen briefly at the end of Destruction as the angsty theme song plays, shown now adult along with the equally-adult Boy and their children by a lake. 
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Thankfully, we see more of MILF Rumy in the later parts of the saga.

Stardust WarEdit

Rumy is once again seen very briefly, either imagined or simply shown, telling her newborn baby the story of how they came to be, albeit very conveniently vaguely. Due to her being present in the 9th System at the time of the battle of Sigma Narse, she wasn't caught in the crossfire of the Planet Destroyers, making her the effective sole survivor of the entire Solnoid race.

The RevolutionEdit

Rumy's role here is even more minor, serving only as occasional comic relief and as the main operator for the ship, as well as managing the laser guns for it. 
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Her face for everything. Really.


  • She's barely twice the size of Toil and Ail.
  • She's notable for being the first Solnoid to experience sexual attraction, as well being the only surviving Solnoid.
  • She is effectively the 'Eve' of the Gall Force saga, with The Boy being her Adam.