Pony is one of the Solnoid characters of the first Gall Force movie, Eternal Story. She is noted for her dark skin and her cowardly nature. Although her role is very minor throughout most of the story, she plays a large role later on that influences Rabby's decision in the end.

Pony with MOTHER
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Pony is the cowardly and shy systems operators for the Kularis-class cruiser Star Leaf, and she is noted for her seemingly phobia for outer space. She also seems to prefer spending time with the master computer, OX-11, and seems to understand Catty the most.

Eternal StoryEdit

Pony is first seen during the fleet battle against the Paranoids, when most of the Star Leaf's crew is wiped out by a Paranoid ship and a malfunction is detected in the master computer. When she checks it, she first meets Catty, and spends some time with her as the battle progresses before she and the newfound crewmember finally go back to the bridge, as the ship prepares to enter lightspeed.

When the ship makes an abrupt stop in Alpha-12 due to the G-Canceller malfunctioning, the remaining crew sets out along with the stowaway Luffy to fix it. However, Pony shows reluctance towards this, having a seeming phobia for outer space, which then shows as she panics when she is briefly separated from the tether holding the girls together with the ship. She is rescued thanks to the efforts ot Patty and Lufy. After reaching their destination, Pony begins repairing the G-Canceller.

After leaving Alpha-12 and the loss of Lufy, the crew is then faced with the fact that there is an alien lifeform aboard the ship. Pony is paired with another crewmember to find and isolate this creature, but her role here is once again very minimal.

It is only when Catty is revealed to not be an original crew member of the ship that Pony's role grows. It turns out OX-11 knows the reason why Catty has been onboard, and at this time, the computer reveals the ship is about to explode due to the reactor going critical. Due to her striving of knowledge, Pony stays behind to learn everything about Catty from OX-11, and sends this information to Exanon, the Blossom's master computer.

Pony dies along with Catty when the Star Leaf blows up; however, the information she succesfully sent to Exanon later proves crucial to Rabby's decision in the end to not give up the new lifeform (the Boy) to either the Central Guard or the Paranoids.

The RevolutionEdit

In The Revolution, Pony is a member of Conch, the anti-war faction that opposes the eternal war between the Solnoid East Force and Solnoid West Force. Her attitude here is much sweeter and motherly, caring much about the children they have onboard. Unlike her Eternal Story counterpart, she is blonde and has white skin.


  • She seems to prefer computers and droids over actual humans.