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Commander Dorn
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commander of the Paranoid Axis; captain of the Damoth

Commander Dorn (also spelled as Dohn) is one of the few named Paranoid characters of the Gall Force saga. He is the commander of the Paranoid Axis forces that are under orders of implementing the Species Unification Plan (or Project Exodermos). He first appeared in the Model-Graphix photonovel, Gall Force Star Front.


Although his appearances are in retrospect very few, Dorn is shown to be brave and very resourceful, and highly determined to make a succesful execution of the Species Unification Plan, and when compared to the supreme leader Borne, he is completely objective and level-headed during his duties, even when the worst is happening.

Star Front[]

Dorn is first featured in the photonovel Star Front, and his appearance here seems much more vicious and ferocious than in his Eternal Story incarnation, being more of an obvious bad guy than in the movie. He is the commander of the ship pursuing the trio of Solnoids -Rabby, Patty and Rumy- stranded in the unknown planet. 

I'm here to rape Solnoids.

Eternal Story[]

Dorn is first seen when his flotilla is pursuing the Star Leaf, after receiving a signal from Catty and seeing an opportunity to deliver the bioweapon. He is then later seen monitoring the situation as the bioweapon is able to inject the biological factor to merge the exposed Solnoids into a new lifeform.

After it turns out the plan was only a partial success, Dorn decides to capture Patty (the Solnoid factor) and the Boy (the result of the partial merging) in order for further examination, and orders his Solnoid

Rogers' barber shop trio.

counterparts, the Central Guard, to stand down and leave it to him. However, as the Paranoid Axis ships approach the planet, the Akonka'guya battlegroup arrives, and the two forces engage. The Central Guard arrives right after, intending to keep the new lifeform for their own schemes, and they proceed to destroy the remaining Paranoid forces and heavily damage the Damoth. However, Dorn manages to crashland the ship in the surface of Chaos, and proceeds to form a Dinosauht -a massive biomechanical mecha- to both fight the Central Guard's forces and capture Patty and the Boy. However, his attempts are for naught as Rabby, after learning the truth of the plan, decides to send the Boy and Rumy to Terra, while she, Patty and their droids overload the terraforming devices, destroying the entire surface of the planetoid and everything in it, including Dohn.

You shall be missed.