Better than R2-D2.




Presumably male/neutral personality.


N/A; Solnoid robot.

Ail-1 is one of the two robot survivors of the Star Leaf after most of the crew is wiped out during a space battle. Along with Toil, Ail-1 becomes one of the most valuable members of the crew due to their prowess in assisting in the operation of the bridge.

Eternal StoryEdit

Ail-1 serves mostly, along with Toil, as comic relief and information dumpster as well. However, he and Toil also prove to be valuable assistants to the remaining Solnoids, using the aforementioned info to guide them in certain issues, such as during Patty's extraction of the embryo within her and detecting enemy presence in the ship. They also help Rabby and the survivors in Chaos in establishing the defense grids against potential Paranoid attack. 
Broest of robros

Nevar fourget

Despite being robots, they seem to understand the implications of the Species Unification Plan, and also seem to agree with Rabby, which leads to their unfortunate deaths when they overload the terraforming devices, which causes an overload for themselves. Despite this, however, their sacrifice does not become in vain, as the Central Guard and Paranoid forces on the surface are wiped out as a result.


  • Toil and Ail-1's reincarnations in 1980s Earth are notably mascots in a fast food stand where Pony's respective reincarnation works at.
  • Ail-1 and Toil-2 are similar to R2-D2, to a certain degree.
  • They're cute as fuck.